Childcare Center Handbook

Childcare Center Handbook

The Central Park Baptist Childcare Center operates according to the policies and procedures set forth by the Central Park Baptist Church Childcare Committee in the current handbook. A copy of the handbook may be obtained when you visit the center for a tour and/or to register your child. Some of the highlights of the handbook include:

I. The Center's Program

Your child will participate in a variety of activities such as:

  • Learning to share, take turns, plan, work and play with others.
  • Working with paints, clay, crayons, blocks, computers, and other manipulative materials.
  • Enjoying stories, poetry, dramatization, and books.
  • Learning to respond rhythmically to music, singing new songs, and listening to different kinds of music.
  • Making excursions to points of interest in the community (ages 3 and above only).

The center uses "WEE Learn" and "A Beka" curriculum. Activities in each unit are designed to help the child develop language, reading, writing, and math skills appropriate to his or her stage of development.

II. Three Year Old Curriculum

Our units will include the following themes:

  • Friends/Holiday Animals
  • Self/Community Transportation
  • Senses/Helpers Spring
  • Fall/Winter Plants
  • Fire Safety/Home Insects
  • Health/Family

III. Four Year Old Curriculum

Units for this ages group include the following themes:

  • Starting to School/Finding Out About Others
  • Learning About Me/Moving Around In My World
  • Enjoying My Favorite Things/Experiencing Spring
  • Living With My Family/Finding Out About Farm Life
  • Enjoying Pets/Learning About Zoo and Wild Animals
  • Discovering Fall/Taking Care Of My World
  • Helping In My Community/Learning About Water
  • Taking Time To Be Thankful/Exploring Day And Night
  • Discovering Winter/Learning About Buildings and Machines
  • Sharing Christmas Joy/Using Signs And Symbols
  • Staying Healthy

IV. Learning Objectives

The following are our objectives in working with your children. They will vary depending upon the age and abilities of each child.
To help the child:

  • Grow in the knowledge of God, His love and care
  • Know that Jesus is God's Son; to feel that Jesus is a special friend; to know ways Jesus helped people; to want to be like Jesus
  • Think of the Bible as a special book; learn Bible stories and verses
  • Think of the Church as a special place where we learn about God and Jesus
To help the child:
  • Develop language skills and an eagerness to prepare for reading
  • Learn about people and the world around us
  • Learn to follow instructions
  • Grow in creativity
  • Develop math skills which lead to success in mathematics
  • Develop reasoning, thinking, and problem solving skills
To help the child:
  • Build a healthy self-esteem and feeling of self worth
  • Build mutual respect, trust and love between children, teachers, and parents
  • Love learning through provision of daily activities that are success oriented
  • Develop personal attributes of self-control, responsibility, initiative, and independence

V. General Policies

The Childcare Center enrolls children preschool through 4th grade. Please contact the center's office to receive information about admission procedures, health and medical information, security, ways the center and parents can work cooperatively to make the children's experiences the best possible, teacher qualifications and emergency procedures.

VI. Emergency Communications

The childcare center subscribes to SchoolCast, a communication program that allows for the director to contact all emergency contacts simultaneously and very quickly (the same system as used by Decatur City Schools). This resource is used primarily to inform parents when the center is closing due to inclement weather or other emergency situation.

A full copy of the Childcare Center Handbook is available in the center's office.

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